Los girasoles

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Hotel & SPA located in the center of Zaragoza

Aparthotel Los Girasoles offers you a wellness area where relaxation, vitality and health are sought through on a 55-minute circuit. In our SPA we promote relaxation, activate the circulatory system, tone the body and eliminate stress.


Actually, there are many hotels in the center of Zaragoza, but in our Aparthotel Los Girasoles you can enjoy a wellness session in many different ways, because in the SPA area you will find various facilities: from the steam bath, through the jacuzzi, bithermal showers , each with its different beneficts.


Rutine, stress and daily obligations… sometimes it is necessary to take a break and forget about everything. Think only about taking care of yourself, body and mind. That is what the relaxation stations and SPA areas of our hotel located in the center of Zaragoza are for. In this way, you can enjoy a unique experience.



We have a jacuzzi (hot tub) with capacity for 6 people. Some of the properties are:

  • Relaxation by producing an analgesic effect a few minutes after contact with hot water.
  • Reduces muscle contractions.
    The vasodilator effect activates blood circulation.
  • Reduces stress, sleep disorders as well as physical and mental fatigue.

Its main characteristic is steam, which dilates the pores, as well as capillaries, which is why it is recommended in treatments for circulation disorders and beauty treatments.


The maximum temperature it reaches is 45° with approximately 70% humidity. Duration between 15 and 20 minutes in total, leaving every 5 minutes to cool down with a cold shower


SPA circuit with 2 bithermical showers.


Gym available to our guests for free. Exercise bike and cardio machines, as well as on machines focused on toning and weight.

General conditions
    From thursday to sunday afternoon.
    55 minutes time circuit.
    15€ per person.
    We reccomend you to book it 24 hours on advance: 976 46 92 00.
    You must bring a bathing cap, swimsuit and flip-flops (in case you forget, we can provide it to you, please consult our rates).

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